Healing Hearts Across Borders - JMChaides Photography
John Chaides<br />
Two kids play near a pile of trash at the Colonia Grupo Clinic by Healing Hearts Across Borders in Tijuana, Mexico on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Healing Hearts Across Borders

     Healing Hearts Across Borders' mission is to  bring the poorest people of Tijuana, Mexico healing for the body and hope for the heart by mobilizing material, medical, and spiritual resources on both sides of the border. ​

     They provide free medical care in the form of clinics to poor areas of Tijuana, Mexico. Healing Hearts Across Borders is a medical missionary organization that unites American medical personnel, staff, donors, and others in an effort to bring consistent, quality health care to Mexican children, women, and men.

     They have a team of physicians, dentists, laboratory and pharmacy specialists, and a large number of volunteers who operate the clinics. They also provide food and clothing donations to our clinic attendees. We are currently seeing over 1000 people in a typical clinic weekend trip.

     For more information, go to the Healing Hearts Across Borders website here.

A Healing Hearts Photo Story

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