Nature / Civilization

On this planet, there is limited land. Throughout this land are civilizations and nature and with this land, we will learn to share it as they meet. Featured here will be galleries of both of those, from mountains to deserts to oceans, skyscrapers to ruins, and the cultures that inhabited those spaces.

Chasing Stars features the beauty of the night sky and the beings that inhabit it. Space has always been a big part of my life and this gallery showcases my adventures into the night to see their beauty and attempt to capture it.

Aloha ʻĀina showcases the love for the land of Hawai‘i. From my trips to the islands, it is apparent the amount of respect that the Hawaiian people have for the land. I had always been taught to respect nature and the beings who live in it and this is my attempt to show my respect by doing its beauty justice.

Growing up in Los Angeles gave me a unique perspective of society. Being one of the major hubs on the west coast you are constantly exposed to different cultures and I think this is what helped foster my curiosity of the world around me.

The Mouse Owns All is a project that stems from my trips to Disneyland growing up. From seeing immaculate worlds built and seeing the far reach of the mouse I decided to start capturing it.

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